Network lookup

Liberty global operations b.v.

ASN AS6830 Allocated 2002-07-19T12:18:50Z
Registry ripe Company Website
IP Address 11,298,304 Continent Europe
Country Austria proxy Austria (AT) City Vienna

Netblock Location Poland cidr Poland,Warsaw Poland cidr Poland,Warsaw Netherlands cidr Netherlands,Rotterdam Hungary cidr Hungary,Táborfalva Netherlands cidr Netherlands,Eindhoven Hungary cidr Hungary,Ecser Austria cidr Austria Netherlands cidr Netherlands,Wageningen Netherlands cidr Netherlands,Hoek Van Holland Switzerland cidr Switzerland,Bern Switzerland cidr Switzerland,Luzern Austria cidr Austria,Vienna Austria cidr Austria,Vienna Switzerland cidr Switzerland,Mellingen Switzerland cidr Switzerland,Hettlingen Austria cidr Austria Germany cidr Germany,Dortmund Germany cidr Germany,Köln Hungary cidr Hungary,Miskolc Romania cidr Romania,Ploiesti

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